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  • Send unlimited messages up to 10 connections
  • Send max. 5 messages / day above 10 connections
  • Receive unlimited messages



  • Send unlimited messages
  • Receive unlimited messages
  • priority support

$4 / Month




  • Custom features
  • integration
  • Custom pricing

sales@earless.net request

  • Under 10 licenses per invoice the charge is annual.
  • For 10 or more licenses a monthly payment plan can be chosen.
  • Above 100 licenses choose the Enterprise plan and contact us for a deal.
  • VAT will be added to this price if applicable (such as the EU) based on your country of origin.

distribute / organize / protect

Eliminate internal email completely and drastically reduce external email while protecting your privacy and confidentially of your communication

  • Organize connections for ultra fast message targeting
  • Organize and filter information for easy access

privacy by design

We purposefully built Earless to protect your information not only from outside snoopers but ourselves as well. Our 2 Layer encryption system and key exchange mechanism guarantees that your information remains confidential

  • It's not only that we promise not to look at your private information... We can't, nobody can
  • Your data is always encrypted while in transit, therefore it's protected if intercepted, even if its stolen directly from our database

Ensure information security C.I.A.

Stay compliant by respecting the most fundamental information security paradigms:

  • Confidentiality: information is only accessed by those that are meant to
  • Integrity: PKI System guarantees information origin, safety and inalterability in transit
  • Availability: no Internet access, no problem. Information is exactly where you need it to be, on your device

ownership and transparency

We only use proven open technologies for encryption, which guarantee information privacy, verifiability and technological transparency

  • You own your data
  • You have increased control over information dissemination
  • Data is stored by you and those its been shared with

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